Saturday, April 15, 2017

!!!!Pinhole Sweepstakes!!!!!!

When I was writing this blog every weekday, I found it easier to come up with topics.  Everything I noticed while writing became a post.  Some examples:

  • Why are Starbucks bathrooms so dirty?
  • Hey, I got a free drink today because the barista screwed up!
  • Why did they take away the comfy chairs and put in wooden ones?
  • I think I'm going to start working at Peet's.
  • The nice old couple I met at the coffee shop.
  • Dear God, why do they keep talking to me?
  • Why is the homeless guy who yells at his newspaper always next to me?

However, since I've been only writing once a week, I feel like my posts should be more substantial, but I've run out of substantial material.  Every week has been a struggle, so I'm willing to spend money to come up with blog posts.

That's where Amazon saved my bacon.  They created a new way of marketing your book: the sweepstakes.  You decide how to choose a winner (random, in order they come, etc.), you decide how many prizes you want to give out, and you pick what the contestant has to do to win.

The conditions were the hard part.  I couldn't think of a poll.  I didn't want to make people follow me on or tweet something.

And who the heck is Yuval Noah Harari?!
I did, however, want to make the world a better place, and what better way to do so than by increasing the flagging sales of my book working against anti-intellectualism while spreading the gospel of Tim Minchin*?

So, here's the deal: click here to watch Tim Minchin's Storm and I'll buy you a copy of my novel Pinhole.  It's only for the first twenty people, so if you've already got one or are too late, here's the video:

And voila!  A new blog post for only $20!


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