Sunday, April 9, 2017


There was a strange rash of the number 47 in my life recently.  While working on my son's pinewood derby car, I saw his last one.

I started playing a new game, whose main character's first name is 47.

I watched an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation (Frame of Mind) where Commander Riker is imprisoned in Ward 47.

I was looking up the first home I owned (Unit 47).
No, those aren't my decorations.

My wife works in building 47.

"What is up with all the forty sevens?!" I cried to the sky.
"You're about to turn forty seven." the sky called back.
"Ohhhhh!  Thank you sky."
"No problem.  Also, it's going to rain tomorrow.  You'll want to cover the grill."

All both of you who read my blog know I do something wacky on my birthday.  However, this year I have to do something especially wacky because it's a birthday where I turn a number ending in 7.  Birthdays that end in 7 have a special significance for me.  

A quick review of all my past "7s Birthdays."

7 Years Old
A few days after my 7th birthday, I went to the first showing of Star Wars.  I went from being someone who hated science fiction to someone who wanted to write it someday.

17 Years Old
The day after my 17th birthday, the USS Stark was hit by missiles and 47 sailors died.
I'm not into conspiracy theories, but 47 sailors died.  47.  This year is my 47th birthday.  See?  SEE?  Connect the dots, people.
Of course, the Lamestream Media will point out that only 37 were killed (21 wounded), but this Wikipedia page (but not this one) says 47, and the standard rule with conspiracy theories is to ignore contradicting info.

27 Years Old
At 27 I came face to face with my own mortality.  I was in the parking lot of a Borders Bookstore in Redwood City, California when I thought:

I'm 27.
27 is nearly 30.
When you turn 30, you're no longer young.
30 is nearly 40.
40 is pretty much 50.
50 is halfway to 100.
Almost nobody makes it to 100.
27 is 100 is dead.
I'm going to die soon.

37 Years Old
On my 37th birthday I found out I was going to be a father (which was a shock, as I already was one).

47 Years Old
So, I'm working on what to do on my birthday.  It has to be awesome.  Some ideas I'm toying with:

In honor of my 7th birthday: Break into George Lucas's home and leave him a cake.
In honor of my 17th birthday: Re-enact the attack on the USS Stark.  Only with marshmallows and blowtorches.
In honor of my 27th birthday: Find a Borders.
In honor of my 37th birthday: Have another child.

And then there's:
Blacksmithing classes.  I could make 47 horseshoes.
Take film classes and make a movie 47 minutes long.
I've never done a cartwheel.  I could do 47 of them.
Learn to bike without using my hands.  Bike 47 miles (326 km for those using the metric system)

So, any thoughts?  I'll take the first 47 suggestions.

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Ellen said...

I'm going to recommend the cartwheels... but only if someone records it and you post the video.