Thursday, March 30, 2017

GDC 2017: The Final Chapter

Well, I've just about sucked every last drop of bloggable stuff from my GDC experience.  So, here's a few, random recollections to make me feel better for taking so many pictures.

Last year, I started going to parties (on the advice of "friends").  It's a daunting experience as there's a lot of parties.

The list of parties I planned on attending (a tiny fraction).
GDC parties are a special kind of awful.  Loud.  Alcohol-infused.  Dark.  Tons of people you don't know and can neither see nor talk to.

But I went.  Because my "friends" told me to.

I went to a Zynga party at their offices.  You remember Zynga, right?  They did FarmVille.  They did Flash games on Facebook.  Then Facebook games died.  Then Flash games died.  Then they died.

Yeah, about that.  This is their entry hall:

Some shots of their cafeteria:

Zynga didn't die.  They still have money.  A.  Whole lot.  Of.  Money.

I went to three IGDA parties.  At one, there was a whiteboard set up for #ResistJam.  

Game jams events where developers get together for a day or two and make a game as quickly as possible.  There's usually a theme (TrainJam, for example, is entirely coded on a train going from Chicago to San Francisco).  ResistJam is about making games about resisting authority.  *COUGH* Trump *COUGH*

At the top, the whiteboard said "I RESIST BECAUSE..." and you were supposed to fill out the rest.  I grabbed a pen and, in a fury of energy (and caffeine) I wrote:
I resist because I am the 1%.  Because I am white and cis and male.  Because my parents were great and I never wanted.  Because I can afford healthcare for my sick kids. BECAUSE IT WON'T HURT ME, it is my duty to act for those it will hurt....

Later, I walked by and someone wrote:
I was gonna write something, but this sums it up.

My ego insisted I take a picture.  And blog about it.  And get a tattoo.
If you agree with something I say, I'll take a picture of that, too.

I saw some weird stuff on the show floor.
A booth made entirely out of cardboard.
Even the chairs were made of cardboard.

This guy, who created the first (perhaps) MMO.

It wasn't very good.

One of the Power Rangers from the new movie.  It's held together with a lot of Scotch Tape.  What is that diamond shape thingy on the chest supposed to be?  It's really just a picture of a nebula or something.

Someone submitted a game to the Independent Game Festival and got selected to show it off.  Instead he or she came up with a clever marketing ploy.

"Please just buy the game! (on iOS appstore) and play it on your flight home! expo is too noisy."
There were some bizarre games built around alternate interfaces.
You play the upper half of a dismembered zombie and have to crawl along the floor to eat someone.
A game about finding the right book on a bookshelf.
And something about using a cat tree.  I didn't play it.
This Vectrex depressed me.  A lot.
*sad horn*
The Vectrex is an ancient home game system.  When I got my first job teaching game development (at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco) I met the librarian -- Jamie MacInnis -- who had helped build the prototype.

This particular Vectrex was being showed off by Sunnyvale's Digital Games Museum. When I mentioned I knew MacInnis, they asked to be connected so they could interview her.

I did a search and found the Jamie MacInnis Facebook page.
Then I realized the Facebook page was for the Jamie MacInnis-Library.
Then I realized the Facebook page was for the Jamie MacInnis Memorial Library.

Tell people you like them while you still can.

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