Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Laptop, My... Wait. What?

Look different?
This is my laptop.  As you can tell from the missing duct tape and the still-worn keyboard, I had it fixed.  This is where things get weird.

A little history....

As I told you last week (You were reading, weren't you?  No?!  Yeah.  I know.  *SIGH*), I was having problems with it.  My laptop has been causing me trouble for years.  Maybe the problem is that I've used it 3x longer than its planned obsolescence date.  Maybe the problem is my children use it as a Frisbee.  Maybe the problem is...

Yeah, it's the Frisbee thing, isn't it?

Anyway, I went to pick it up at the repair place yesterday and was confused when they didn't bring my laptop out.  They then showed me this one.
Circle the differences in these two pictures.  Use a wax pencil; ballpoints will damage your screen.
"I put on a new cover because the old one had tape all over it," he said.

"Where did you get the new cover?" I asked.

"I bought a laptop for parts.  That way I don't have to order them the next time you come in."

He started it and I noticed a couple of new applications on my taskbar.  I asked why he'd installed them.

"I didn't.  Everything's the same.  I know it because of the desktop background."
"I like the logo," he said.
We talked about Maid Max, the game I'm (still) working on.  We talked about children, and the internet, and the impossibility of buying a 2-in-1 with a DVD drive.

"Always a pleasure when you drop by," he said as I left.  I almost said No offense, but I hope I never see you again.  I always think that.  Never works out.

When I got to Peet's to begin work, I noticed some strange things:

  • A missing piece of the fan's vent cover had reappeared.
  • My applications suddenly asked me to register.
  • The power cord didn't slip out at the slightest jiggle.
  • The fan was quiet.
  • There was a nick on the screen
  • Displays now pop up to show me the current brightness and volume levels.
  • A suspicious-looking extra moon.
I slowly came to realize that, other than the hard disk and the keyboard, there was nothing original about my computer.  They hadn't just replaced the motherboard and added a cable.  They had replaced the whole computer.

In a panic, I checked my Flash files.  They still ran.  Whew.

I'm  wonder what else was secretly replaced when I wasn't looking.  I'm going to have to watch my children very carefully from now on.

BTW, here's the two Flash games I made and, as I said last week, will have to redo in HTML 5.
  • Flux Warden
    $20 to the first one who wins.  A homemade pie to anyone who gets a full score.  A new pony if you can understand the story.
  • Default Adventure
    This one is easier, so...  A hug?  A nicely-worded letter?

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