Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Kids Are Back in School To Do List

Things I can do now my kids aren't around all day

Eat in a restaurant
Eat sitting down at a table
Eat with utensils

Read a book that isn't about Ash Ketchum
Watch a show that isn't Pokemon: Indigo League
Play a game that isn't Pokemon Go

See friends
See movies
See friends' movies

See the carpets again
See my feet again
See my face again
See my wife again

Nap in the afternoon
Nap in the morning
Nap in the middle of the night

See the doctor about those voices that tell me to drink cleaning fluid
See the pharmacist about the pills that make the voices stop talking
See tomorrow

Listen to the radio
Choose the channel on the radio
Dare to turn the radio on



LCKK said...

I totally understand, same here ;)

Matthew Kagle said...

Stay strong, brother.