Sunday, June 26, 2016

Photo Dump

There comes a time in every young man's life when he looks at the vastness of the universe, the multitudes of experiences open to him, and realizes it's been seven days since his last blog post.

Then a young man's fancy turns to cheap, quick blog entries based on all the random weird stuff he took pictures of.

16-16-16 isn't a date, buddy.  There's no way I'm buying your horseshit if you're going to lie about the freshness date.

I don't know what kind of motorcycle this is.  I just know it's a Decepticon.

I call this work of art The Death of Swag.

I was tossing all these out.  I spent hours going from booth to booth, looking for the best giveaways.  In the end, nobody wanted them.  Next year, I may skip the whole swag hunt.

My son was very proud of how long it took for him to chain her up so perfectly.  Should I be disturbed?

Glass Rimmer was my nickname in high school.

Oh, no, wait.  It wasn't.

Didn't get a good picture of this one, but it's of the Avenger known as Hawkeye and his friend, who obviously had a terrible accident.

"Hey, we need something more for our toy line."
"What about giving Hawkeye a friend with a peanut for a head?"
"Done that."
"What about a Spider Man car?"
"Done that.  Plus, a superhero who swings on webs using a special car isn't dumb enough."
"What do we have for his villains?"

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