Saturday, May 14, 2016

Birthday 46: The Hair

We all know why you come to this blog.
We all know it's not for my brilliant humor.
We all know it's not for my incisive political treatises.
We all know it's not for my moving stories of personal anguish.

It's the hair.  You're here to see what color I did this year.

Well, I'll cut to the point.  Hair you go.  You don't want to mousse this.  I hope you like my style of humor.  Hope you don't dye laughing.  Hope you like the final product. Are you feeling curlish?

Okay, I'm out of hairstyling jokes.


Jeez, I'm looking more and more like Bob from Twin Peaks as I get older.

My last visit to the red lodge.  Sadly, right after the red wedding.
Here's a picture with Helen, the woman who waits with bated breath for my birthday to come so she can go crazy with my head.

She put the woosh on my head on purpose.  I think it's revenge for something I said.
Red is the last of the spectrum colors I was going to change my hair into.  It's also one of the best.  It's so bright, it's shocking to people.  It's even shocking to Skype.  Whenever my Skype camera sees my head, it tries to color correct the world.

Here's what that looks like.

Worth it.

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