Sunday, October 25, 2015

MicroBirthday Submission Form

Once upon a time there was a plucky -- if terribly old -- hero named Matthew.  Our plucky hero attempted to fend off the icy hand of Death by performing many odd and disturbing rituals on his birthday.

While his birthdays have been fun, exciting, and often disturbing, Death remains unmoved and continues to age him by a year every year.  Perhaps Death should meet our plucky hero halfway and only age him half a year every year.

But I digress.

Once upon a time (a week ago, Friday) our plucky hero decided to have one small birthday celebration for every year he'd lived.  He'd have all those parties on his birth month (May).  He'd bring cake to all of the friends, relatives, and complete strangers he could to meet that goal.  Since he'd be 46 and there were 30 days in May, he'd have an average of one and a half pieces of cake every day.
That's one way to lose weight.

They'd have to be good cakes. 

Maybe Draeger's cakes, but they're expensive.

Maybe cupcakes, but they're disappointing.

Maybe he could make the cakes by himself...

But I digress.

Our plucky hero thought about how difficult it was to schedule 46 parties, not to mention his normal life.

A relaxed month
He decided to create an online calendar so people could sign up for birthday parties whenever they wanted.  It would allow him to offload all his calendar work on to someone else.

A friend had created a documentary called Bid for My Life and used a calendar like he'd hoped to use.  However, that calendar required users to pay for each entry. 

Instead, he made a Google Calendar.  He filled up the whole year with 24 hour appointments so nobody would make appointments on the wrong day. 

Then he found he couldn't make the calendar so anyone could change it.
Can't imagine why

If he had to give access to his calendar, he'd just give it to anyone who asked.  Then he realized there would be a problem.

Can't imagine what.
And so our plucky hero decided he'd have to make the entries himself.

And so our plucky hero added the MicroBirthday Request Form you see on the left side of the blog.

And so our plucky hero requested his friends, family, and followers to enter the following information:
·         Your name
·         The location where you're available to have a party
·         The first date and time you're available
·         The second date and time you're available
·         The third thingy and the thingy
·         The fourth oh I know you're not reading anymore
·         The fifth well the point is I need a bunch of choices

So, fill out our plucky hero's form.  Get your friends to fill our plucky hero's form.  Get your family to fill out our plucky hero's form.  Find random strangers and get them to....

Well, you get the point.

Man 46 birthday parties is a lot.


Ellen said...

Let me know when you'll be on this side of the country. I'll bring the cake.

Matthew Kagle said...

I can't imagine any reason to be in or near Ohio, but sure.