Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Effective Thursday of January

It's the First Thursday of January!

Well, okay, it's the second Thursday of January.  However, the first Thursday doesn't count because my kids were home from school.  And they'll be out again in a week.  And then they get a week in February.
See, this is why we need to increase funding to the Department of Education.

Anyway, the first effective Thursday in January is when I'm required by the eldritch laws which bind my powers to make a list of New Year's Resolutions.  Also, when the planets align, the laws require me to strip naked, paint myself blue, and run through college campuses singing Beatles songs.  Luckily, Pluto isn't a planet anymore so that won't happen often.  (Check Ticketmaster for scheduling.)

Anyway, New Year's Resolutions.  The problem with resolutions is I already have so many I'm already working on:
  • My novel A Thousand Secret Sorrows
    Which is coming along, but far slower than I had hoped.
  • My game "Kingdom of Adventure"
    Same as above.
  • The audiobook for Pinhole
    Aaaand again.  Coming even slower than the others because man my voice is annoying.
  • Teaching well
    Teaching is pretty easy as I haven't set foot in a classroom in a year (if you exclude the aforementioned running naked through campus).
  • Being a good parent
    Constant struggle.
  • Being a good husband
    Constant struggle for my wife.
  • Work out five days a week
    I've improved my body a lot, but now I have these little man boobies that I need to make into DDs.  Or maybe I could get implants.  Hmmmmm.
  • Read great literature
    There's still a lot of argument in academic circles on what the great literature is.  Jacqueline Suzanne?  Harold Robbins?
  • Play great games
    I have stacks of games to get through. Literally a whole bookshelf of them.  And now they're incompatible with my PC.
  • Watch great films
    My Netflix queue is 409 entries long.
  • Improve my art skills
    I don't think I need to remind you how bad they are.
  • Volunteer
    We should all give back to our community, especially when your wife keeps needling you to go volunteer at lunch duty at your school.
  • Have a cool birthday
    I'm running out of ideas.  Best I've got so far: learn to break a board with my hand.  Anyone want to join me at a dojo?  How about at the urgent care facility afterwards?
  • Get through my list of unfinished tasks
    Currently 5 pages long, single spaced, no carriage returns.
So, do I have room for new resolutions?  Only if they're very short.  Feel free to suggest them.  I'll put them at the bottom of my list.

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