Monday, December 1, 2014

My Week of Not Blogging About Star Trek

For all both of you who regularly read my blog (Hi Mom!), last week was a big disappointment for you.  I'm talking, of course, about my failure to post the content of the unpublished Star Trek script from Roddenberry.  There were several good reasons for this:
  •  Nobody expressed an interest.
    Seriously, not a single email or comment.  Not even a cease and desist letter.  Of course, I have a pretty small readership and at least half of you (Hi Mom!) thought it was a hoax, but come on!  Nobody?
  • I was on vacation.
    Three days in southern California waiting in lines at Disneyland.  Kinda hard to blog.
Note to self: get correct size rain poncho before going to Splash Mountain
  • My camera takes pretty crummy pictures.
    I didn't realize until later that three of the six shots I was allowed to take of the script were too blurry to read.  I've asked Hell's_Housekeeper if she'd send me new copies, and she said she would.  I'm still waiting.  When they arrive I'll transcribe them and put them up here.
In the meantime, allow me to regale you with...

Pictures of dumb stuff I saw this weekend!
(The crowd cheers.  Women throw their bras on the stage.  The King of Sweden hands me a Nobel.)

I went to a Christmas in the Park thingy in San Jose with friends and family.  Mostly, it was a bunch of trees decorated by various groups.  Here's a few I found amusing:

This tree is kind of crummily decorated, unlrdd you take into account it was done by dogs.
This tree was created by a division of the Centers for Disease Control.  Note the use of sterile gloves as tree ornaments.  I'm still confused what early discoveries the CDC made, but I'm guessing anthrax.
Obscure geek joke of the day: this tree was decorated with magic items conjured before a player's spell points ran out.
Every angel in Heaven contributed a decoration to this tree.  Maybe all the ornaments fit on the head of a pin...
If you could see this picture (did I mention my camera isn't working right?) you'd see that Senator Jim Beall decorated his tree with descriptions of all the bills he's passed.  Sounds like a really fun guy to hang out with at Christmas.
They also had a beautifully painted Nativity Scene:
But if you look carefully, you will find that the baby Jesus is a cheap doll from Wal-Mart wrapped in lavender clothes.  No wonder he became a hippie liberal.

I later went across the street to the Tech Museum of Innovation.  I found these in the gift shop:
This is a Himalayan salt lamp.  If you look at the tiny print at the bottom of the health benefits of the lamp are the tiny words "There is no scientific evidence to support this claim."  What's with the shops of science museums selling unscientific crap?  I caught the gift shop of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago selling Chakra kits, once.  I complained and they took them away then, a few months later, put them back.

These are tiny models of the planets in our solar system.  At the bottom of the package is a warning not to give them to small children as they're a choking hazard.  You really don't want a baby to choke on Uranus.

And, yes, I'm ending on a butt joke.

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