Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Hate BLANKing. I Love Having BLANKed.

Dorothy Parker is famous for...  Er.  Something about a table?  I dunno.  Has anyone really read anything she ever wrote?  Whoever she was, she once said:
I hate writing.  I love having written.
Which is a very true statement for many writers.  Writing is deeply painful.  Here's a picture of a writer, working on a novel:

And here he is again, after finishing:

I was thinking how Dorothy's phrase was useful for other things than writing. For example:
I hate working out.  I love having worked out.
Because working out feels like this:

And afterwards, you get an endorphin rush and big muscles and feel like this:

Or, how about:
I hate having children.  I loved having children.
Okay, doesn't make a lot of sense until you consider the two senses of the phrase "having children."

Dorothy's expression works for so many different situations I wonder if  ghosts say it to each other.
I hated living.  I love having lived.
Yeah, don't live like that.  Enjoy the moment.

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