Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Heartfelt Apology

I just wanted to say to all both of my regular readers that I am deeply, deeply sorry for not posting last week.  I was using all of the valuable time (12-18 minutes each week) that I normally spend writing this blog to being in Alaska.  Check this out:
See, that's glacial ice.  That's why it's blue.  See, it forms under pressure from the snow above it making it so dense it bends light, making it look blue.  You could totally make a bundle inventing a glacial ice cube maker.

Wait, you don't believe me?  Here's a picture of a glacier AND a waterfall.
The glacier is the thing that isn't moving.
Funny story behind this picture.  I was planning to fast-walk down the mile-long path to this site.  The bus was coming to pick up my tour group, so I had to hurry.  As I'm jogging along, I see a sign: "Warning: a bear was sighted near here recently!"  A few minutes later, I hear this long, low growl coming from the path to my left.

I have never run a mile that fast in my life.

So, how was Alaska?  Hot, believe it or not.  Hot and sunny.  Hotter than when I got home to California.  Global warming is strange.

Other things that have been going on lately: my sunglasses broke.  This is one of the "temples."
Oooh, creepy!
See it?  No?  Look closer.

Seems I accidentally bought Maui Jim's Xenomorph brand glasses.

I also tried giving up my fingernail-picking habit.  At a suggestion from one of my two favorite aunts, I started taking something called N-Acetyl Cysteine.  It came highly recommended to her and stopped her nail-biting problem immediately.

Here's what my fingernails looked like before:
So you can see I have a problem.
I'm naturally dubious of any herbal remedy, but even if it was a placebo, it was worth trying.  The last time I had long nails was when I had mono in my twenties and laid around the house all summer, too tired to do anything.  So, relaxation might be key to stopping.

My remedy.
As you can see from the bottle, I had about 120 (giant) pills.  I took one a night for about two months.  When that didn't seem to be working, I doubled the dose.  So, three months later, my nails look like:
Ta da!
Yeah, pretty much the same.  Oh well, it was worth a try.  If there are any other suggestions, I'll take them.  What do you guys think I should try?  Excessive quantities of alcohol?  Cocaine?  Embracing trickle-down economics?

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