Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Potter Inconsistencies

When you've read the Harry Potter books out loud as often as I have (about four times per book), you start to notice a few... inconsistencies.  I'm hesitant to criticize, because I'm a ray of unabashed sunshine, but I felt I had to post them here.  Why?  Well, partly because I'm reading them out loud (AGAIN), but mostly because I need an extra week to digest this email I got and am trying to decide if I'm going to post.

More on that next week.  Meanwhile, on to the memes!

We invented LASIK and ballpoint pens for a reason.


He seemed all proud of the name in book 2.  Why are Death Eaters upset if anyone says it?
Update: Just remembered one more that bothered me.
Of course, the difference is Harry did them on a nonhuman... UPDATE 2: I keep getting things wrong.  No, he used them on Death Eaters as well as goblins.  My bad.

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