Friday, May 9, 2014

Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer

The big news of the week (unless you count how the world is coming to an end or the usual GOP nuttiness) is the Supreme Court ruling it's okay to start political meetings with prayer.  Conservatives rejoiced, liberals were outraged, and Sarah Palin said something blisteringly stupid.

Same as always.

Now that we live in a post "prayer-is-okay-ruling" world, we have a new challenge to face: how to make government meetings inclusive.  See, prayer is, almost by definition, exclusive.  If you pray to your god, or gods, or lack of deity, you're excluding those who don't believe what you do.  You're essentially telling people of other religions: "You can't participate in the running of this country."

The alternative is to create a truly non-denominational prayer that would include everyone and every dimension of faith.  Many theological scholars have said such a prayer is impossible to create.  I have proven them wrong.

Yes, I'm just that good.  Here goes:

Oh all-powerful, or simply powerful, or weak and fallible, or non-existent God or god or gods, or goddess, or goddesses, or spirits, or energies that watch over us or simply watch and don't intervene...
Or whatever. 
Bless or enchant or sanctify or guide or don't harm or do nothing to us...
Or whatever. 
We are but insignificant worms in your eye (or eyes), or your children, or sinners unworthy of your grace, or the results of evolution you planned or had nothing to do with, or usurpers of your divine right...
Or whatever. 
We seek only to do your will, or our will, or what you planned all along, or what you might want if you were still around, or to thwart those beings that might be against you, or to right the wrongs that you weren't able to...
Or whatever. 
We are all here as one nation.  We may believe in one god or many gods or only those things that can be proven or any of the thousands of faiths in this world, but we all believe in working together to make this country better, stronger, healthier, wiser. 
If you can help us with that, please do.  If you can't, thanks anyway. 
Amen, selah, verily, so be it, or whatever.

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