Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Average Week

You who don't follow me around every day, peeking out at me from dumpsters and mailboxes (unless you're that one guy who keeps weirding me out), so I'll update you on the explosive, technicolor, circus of sushi that is my life.  In short, this week's post is a bunch of random crap that happened to me.

I Have New Hair
As all both of my readers know, I do a hair color change every birthday.  So far, I've done blue, yellow, and green.  This year, I went with orange, because it was a permanent color and wouldn't leak out everywhere.  Here's the result:

What do you think?  Needs more tzujing? I think it looks too... Natural.  My stylist keeps wanting me to look good, but I want to look garish.  Maybe I'll try purple next time.  No way she can make that look natural.

I Got More Bad Reviews on My Book
Yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't post about Pinhole anymore, but there was this one review on Goodreads that I couldn't ignore.  In part, it says:
I don't believe in a technology that provides time travel, mind control, remote download of a personality and is also a weapon. My suspension-of-disbelief only stretches so far.
My first reaction was "That's probably what people said about motors 200 years ago."  However, I recently saw this article which describes how scientists linked two mice together and found the younger mouse's blood made the older mouse become younger and healthier.

My daughter and I are INSEPARABLE!
Just as I describe in part two of my book.

On a related note, I was at a Cinqo de Mayo party with a guy named Larry whom I convinced download a copy.  It turns out he was THE Larry Page from Google.  I expect to see wormholes in the next Google Doodle.

Sexy Tesla Ads
A while back I became Friends (in the "Facebook sense) with a young woman named Avens O'Brien.  We shared experiences of losing beloved bird pets.  She posted last week that she found Tesla cars sexy.  I thought it was funny, so I threw together one of her pictures with her quote and BAM invented a new ad medium.

I call it "Using sex to sell a product."

Avens has a website where she writes about freedom, posts pictures of herself and...  You've already clicked the link, haven't you?  Well, if you come back I'd like to point out these pictures were taken by a talented photographer named Peter Paradise, who also has a website with pictures of her, and several other models.

Where was I?  Oh, right, my new advertising model.  I figure I could sell almost anything with this picture and some tiny changes:

Did I mention she likes spatulas?  Well, she does in my imagination.
What do you think?  Should I get a new career as a "Mad Man?"  I'm certainly as hot as Jon Ham now that I have red hair.

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