Friday, December 6, 2013

Crazy Week

My days usually consist of trying to entertain a child in the morning (before school when nothing is open), making a painfully early lunch (he starts at 11:20, which means lunch has to be at 10:30), then rushing to drop him off in time.

Then I have free time, during which I...
Well, I'm not exactly good at getting things done.  Yesterday I spent an hour printing one sheet of business cards.

Long story short: Xerox can bite me.
Still, with three hours a day to myself, you'd think I'd be a blistering flurry of activity, constantly creating new works of art and literature.  Instead, I'm a blistering flurry of fecklessness.  Try saying that three times fast.
Well, not this week.  This week I designed my own stress headache.

On Tuesday, I drove to UC Santa Cruz to help with a game development class.  Actually, that's the wrong preposition.  I didn't drive to UC Santa Cruz; I drove around UC Santa Cruz.  UCSC is a beautiful campus situated on farmland dotted with quarries and historic buildings from the 1800s.  I got to see them all, over and over again as I drove in circles.  See, UCSC has some strange quirk of geology that causes Google Maps to crash and wireless connections to evaporate.  Just when you think you're getting somewhere, your map closes and you can't call for help.

"GPS signal lost..."
Eventually, I got there and the teacher sent a TA out to help me get a parking pass.  He got in and we commenced (guess what?) fruitlessly driving in circles around the campus.
Oh, the class was good; I saw a lot of student presentations.  Impressive what games kids can make these days.  I look forward to seeing the game industry crush their spirits by making them make "Zombie Pony Apocalypse XXIII" over and over again.

Tonight, I'm going back to UCSC!  Yes, I'm doing two events at UC Santa Clara but, thankfully, it's at the extension in Silicon Valley, not the long drive off to Santa Cruz.  The IGDA is having a speaker night you should REALLY ATTEND.  Hopefully, I'll only spend an hour driving in circles before I get to the right place.  Maybe I'll just do donuts in front of my house when I leave to get it out of my system.
Tomorrow, I'm doing my first ever book signing at 4pm in the Mountain View library.  Yes, I know, I'm doing an event not related to UC Santa Cruz.  I'm just crazy that way.  Tomorrow at 4pm I'm going to be giving away hard copies of my book for free to anyone who makes a donation to Girlstart, a nonprofit that promotes education for girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

Since you all can't come visit the signing and get a free book, I'll make my book free on Kindle for a week starting tomorrow.  Also, remember if you buy the hardcopy from Amazon, you get the Kindle version for free.
I think that's enough for this week.  Next week I plan on sitting on my butt and eating candy.

You gotta pace yourself.

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