Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sleeping Games

I've had the flu for the past couple weeks.

YES I had a flu shot.  I've had four flu shots in my life.  50% of the time I got the flu anyway.  Sometimes I wonder if doctors come up with new reasons to poke people with needles because they're jealous of acupuncturists.
Anyway, there are two strange side effects of the flu I had this time:
  1. I want to eat everything not tied down.
  2. I have serious bouts of fatigue.
The fatigue thing has been odd.  I've had days when I've taken five naps, gone to bed early, and woken exhausted.  The problem is, I don't have one of those jobs you can sleep through (air traffic controller, preschool teacher, Senate Minority Leader, etc).  I take care of my children.  If you fall asleep while watching my kids, you tend to wake up with a Lego Star Destroyer super-glued to your forehead.
To solve the fatigue/childrearing problem, I devised a few games.  Feel free to use them whenever you are suffering from CRE (Child Rearing Enervation):
Bear Under the MountainDaddy is an angry bear.  Pile couch cushions over him to make a cave to sleep in.  If he sticks his hands out of any holes, put pillows in them until his cave is completely dark.  When you hear snoring noises, you win!
Dark PictureDaddy lies on a bed in a dark room.  While he's "waiting," make the darkest picture you can.  Black crayons on black paper is best.  If Daddy can't see your picture in the dark (signified by keeping his eyes closed), you win!
Fun Time KitchenDaddy has hidden various nonperishable foodstuffs around the house (none are in the bedroom).  Find them all, bring them to the kitchen, and use the plasticware he's laid out to make yourself lunch.
Fun Time CleanersDaddy has hidden various cleaning tools around the house (again, don't look in the bedroom).  Clean up the kitchen!  It's a mess in there.
Magic RectangleYou know that big, black rectangle on the wall in the play room that Daddy never lets you turn on?  It shows movies and games!  Watch as many movies and play as many games as you want.  Seriously, just have fun.  I'll be taking a nap.

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