Friday, October 4, 2013

Proud Father

I was going to write about the strange phenomenon of reading something on the internet you would never be interested in and how it can become an obsession.  For example, I never knew Caucasians had this obsession with touching African-Americans' hair, but the more I read about it the more I began to wonder.  Is it really that different?  Is it magical?  Does it feel like unicorn hair doused with pixie dust or something?

Oh my God!  I must touch it!!!!

Then I was going to go on about the trend of people freaking out about internet pornography and kids and I'd link to science fiction pornography and ask you to read it all and see if you suddenly had an urge to genetically engineer mice people and have sex with them...

And then something happened, something earth-shaking.  So, I'm starting over.


I have a lot of pictures of this bookshelf.

A lot of pictures.
Why?  Because it's the place my book would be some day.  I've written about this bookshelf a couple (or more) times.  It's where my book would be in the library when I got published.  Knowing where your book will be is as important as knowing your family medical history.  You just can't live a healthy life without it.  Okay, you can, but it's awesome to think your book will be in the library some day, rubbing covers with Moby Dick.
Er, sorry, still on the whole "internet pornography" thing.
Long story short, my book is in the library, but not where I thought it would be.  They put this whole new shelf up for me called "Local Authors" so it will stand out more to impressionable Silicon Valley residents.
Aww, look, it already has a name tag!  First day of school!
What?  You got a TATTOO?!  Wait until your father sees this, young missy!
Anyway, if you want to see it or check it out, you can follow this handy map:
I'd suggest you not take the route I took.

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