Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sharknado Sequel

I have never seen Sharknado, nor do I feel the need to see it.  However, I can admire the sheer brilliance of the idea.  Instead of harping on one baseless fear (piranhas, lightning, vaccines, GMOs, fracking, etc.), the creators linked two together.

I have some ideas for the sequel:
Spider Clown
An innocent spider is merged with an evil clown: Spider Clown is born!

Public Speaking with Snakes
I see Public Speaking with Snakes as more of a reality show.  After all, who wouldn't want to see boring speakers eaten alive by a boa?

13 Rusty Nails
13 Rusty Nails could go two ways.  Either the main character steps on a nail every time she sees the number 13, or she's pissed off some demonic carpenter and his magic nails chase her down one at a time.

The possibilities are endless.

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