Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Fired

I stopped off at Starbucks on my way to work last night (I have to be either stoned, drunk, or high on caffeine to make it through teaching until 10:30 at night).  In the parking lot, I saw this car:

It says "Just Fired."
That's right, it's a car decorated with streamers and the words Just Fired.  I don't have anything humorous to say about a car dressed up like a honeymoonmobile for the soon-to-be destitute.  I do have some questions.

Is the owner really happy about being fired? 
I mean, did this person want to quit, but really preferred to get fired, so acted incompetent until he or she was finally let go?

Is the owner really unhappy about being fired?
Is the sign an attempt to cheer himself or herself up?  This seems more likely and, certainly, more sad.

However, if I ever get employees, and get to the point where I need to fire one, I know how I'm going to break the news.

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