Friday, August 23, 2013

Every Woman Deserves...

I gots to tell ya, havin' 3 daze off does wonders 4 your relaxation.  Also yer grammer.

In all the time I've had free this week, not having to worry about blogging every day, I've done...  Well, okay, I haven't done much.  Okay, I haven't done anything, but I feel like I'll get going on my big ass to do list (currently 8 single-spaced pages long) any moment now.

With all this free time, I decided to make my weekly blog post even funnier than usual.  Then I decided to phone it in.  Meme Breaker time!

I had to run this through the MB2k three times because the first two results were blazingly sexist.  Here's the third pass:


And just think, that only took me one week to do!

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