Thursday, August 8, 2013

Commander Adama's Word Processor

Way back in the mist[s of time], or 1987, ABC tried to cash in on the Star Wars phenomena.

Battlestar Galactica was a show about Mormons as if they were in space. Okay, let it [let's] get to the point. Commander a [Adama], had a word processor. It was pretty damn awesome. He would speak into a microphone, and words would appear on his computer screen.
What was really really cool was it somehow knew how to spell everything. In 1 episode he spoke to it about a man named count the bleep [Count Iblis]. How did it know how to spell count the bleak [Count Iblis]?

Way back in the mists of time, or 1995 I asked my brother [who worked at Microsoft] about Microsoft Word. Word had just introduced a spelling checker feature where it would underline misspelled words in rat [red].

["]This is awesome[,"] I told him. ["]Buck [But] where is it going to go from here?["]

He said ["W]we won't stop till its just like [C]commander a dumb laws [Adama's] word processor.["]
Way back in the mists of time, or 2008, Ray Kurzweil spoke at the [G]game [D]developer's [C}conference. Kurzweil made his living by predicting the future. One piece of technology he predicted was shown on stage[;] as I watched he took a picture of a page with his phone and then the phone read that page to the audience. I was floored.

Way back of [in]... Well, it's today. I am NOT writing this blog. I am just talking into my phone. It is writing the blog as I say it. Any mistakes I have left in, fixes are in brackets [as if you haven't guessed yet]. I am under a DOMA [Commander Adama].

How awesome is technology?

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