Friday, July 19, 2013

Why You Should Hate The Incredibles - Part 2

Picking up from yesterday…

It takes a ton of work to be healthy.  Those jocks in high school had something I never had: determination.  They punished their bodies over and over again when the rest of us gave up.  The sad truth was, while we geeks wished for a day when the hot cheerleaders saw us for what we really were, they already did.
What I look like now.
Exercise is a constant, grueling struggle.  And this leads us to Dash from The Incredibles.

After whining about never being able to run a race with the normal kids, at the end of the movie, they let him run.  To keep things fair, they have him win second place.

To keep things fair.
"Humiliate all but one of them!"
I realize it’s a cartoon, but think about the kid who came in third.  Think about the kid who came in fourth and fifth and, heck, last.  These are kids who were born without powers.  When they wanted to run a race, they had to spend days, hours, years in training.  They ran until their legs hurt and their feet bled.  They committed to their sport, devoted themselves to it.  Maybe they even hoped the race would help them qualify for bigger, more important races.  Someday, they might get athletic scholarships to college.

And they lost.  They lost to a kid who never trained, never suffered, never devoted himself.  They lost to a kid who was barely trying, who wasn’t even breaking a sweat.  It must have been devastating.

Fuck superheroes.  Wolverine wades through hordes of trained soldiers, who trained for years and devoted themselves to their countries, as if they were nothing.  Spider Man beat the crap out of a professional wrestler with years of training and experience and made him look like a fool.  What’s the point of even trying to achieve anything in a world with them?

Now, all I need is a lair and a cool costume and I’m ready to be a supervillain.

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