Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Three Wishes

I had dropped off the kids and was walking back to my car this morning.  The parking lot was completely deserted.

When I'm by myself, I let my mind wander.  It's how I come up with ideas for stories.  This time, I fell back on one of my more favorite daydreams: What would I do with three wishes? 

I spend a lot of time on that one.  I also spend a lot of time thinking about the language of my wish because, well, what if I did get three wishes?  I  need to be prepared.  I don't want to end up like Sylvester or that poor couple with the monkey's paw. Genies are notoriously bitchy.

Anyway, my first wish would be to have powers, but which ones?  I wrote a lot of stories about people who get (like this guy, or this idiot) by bad language.  Here's what I came up with:

"I wish I had any super power I wanted, whenever I want it, for as long as I want it."

Seems pretty straightforward and hard to twist into something bad.  Still, I'd have to be sure.  Once I made the wish, I'd have to test out my powers.  So, what would I start with?  Flight?  No, someone would see me, and I'm not sure I'd be ready for the repercussions.  Invisibility?  No, I'd have to test it by stealing something or going somewhere I was forbidden, and what would happen if I wasn't actually invisible?  Telekinesis?  That's a good one.  I could just lift something with my mind or-

Right in front of me, a car trunk popped open.

I froze and looked around.  There was no one in the parking lot.  I stared at the open trunk and then looked around again.

A woman, holding her keys, appeared from around a corner.  I waved and complimented her on the range of her key fob.  Then, cursing sadly to myself, walked to my car and drove home.

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