Friday, July 26, 2013

The Rich Experiment

I want you to do an experiment for me.  No, no don't freak out.  You'll like it.  It's nothing kinky; that's next week's experiment.
I want you to have a party and invite over a bunch of people of different genders.  Then, I want you to serve a dark chocolate cake.  See, I told you you'd like it.
While your guests are eating the cake, I want you to listen to what they say.  My theory is this: at least 70% of the women will feel the need to say that the cake is "so rich."  In addition, none of the men will feel compelled to say the same thing.
For additional credit, show your guests a picture of babies or baby animals.  My theory states that the women will feel the need to declare that the babies/baby animals are "so cute" while the men will not.
Let me know what happens, I think I've got a Nobel for this research.

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