Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Media is Your Bitch

If I see one more Facebook post about the "real stories" that the "mainstream media" doesn't cover, I'm going to throw up.  I don't mean I'm going to spit up a little into my mouth, I mean I'm going to projectile vomit not only my lunch, but every other lunch I've ever eaten, followed by all of the major organs in my body and most of my blood.

Kinda like this, but less sexy.

Yes, the media industry has a lot of problems.  They tend to give silly, "fluff" pieces more prominence than they need to, they focus on celebrities instead of hard news, they sometimes rush to present material before they have carefully fact checked it.

Photo: sista
Woman Burns 5th Grade Boy To Death With BlowTorch - Media Silent, No Protests Scheduled...

You know why?  Because that's what you want to see.  That's what you want to read.  That's what you want to hear.

News is a business.  The more people who watch your show, listen to your program, or read your paper, the more money you make.  If you don't attract consumers, you lose money and your news organization fails.

Rupert Murdoch knew that when he started Fox News, and pandered to the older, conservative white folks who didn't like well-researched opinions.  Andrew Heiskell knew it when he created People Magazine, pandering to people who hate news.  Generoso Pope Jr. knew it when he founded The Weekly World News, pandering to... 

Er, I dunno.  Mental patients?

The point is, the media shows us what we want to see.  If they showed us the unvarnished truth, we'd yawn and change the channel.  Don't believe me?  Answer this: where do you get your news?

Was it the PBS News Hour?  No?  Because every night for years, they spent several minutes honoring our fallen soldiers who died defending our country.  The news cares about America and sacrificed ratings to do right by them.  What did you do?  You watched something else.  Obviously you don't care about the men and women who give their lives to preserve your freedoms.

Man, what is wrong with you?

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