Monday, July 1, 2013

Gun Control and Evolution

Let us assume evolution is real (shocking, I know).

If so, natural selection is always at work.  When a child is born with a beneficial trait or learns a beneficial behavior, it survives longer.  It has more children who have the same traits and copy the same behaviors.  Sooner or later, the whole species has changed into something better suited to its environment.

Let us assume Arthur Kellerman’s studies were real (shocking, I know).

If so, having a gun in your home makes it more likely someone in your family is going to die by that gun.  When you buy a firearm and keep it in your house, it doesn’t mean you’re going to fight off a drug-crazed robber; it means you’re going to shoot your spouse or your children.  Or maybe one of you will use it to commit suicide or accidently shoot one another.

If both Kellerman and evolution are true, then gun owners are slowly taking themselves out of the gene pool.  Gun owners are born, buy a gun, and then kill themselves and their families.  The detrimental trait (gun ownership) will slowly disappear.

Here is a chart showing the percentage of gun ownership in the United States.

As time passes, fewer and fewer people own guns.  Here is a chart showing the number of firearms owned in the United States.

As time passes more and more guns are bought.

It seems that, over time, gun owners have been killing themselves off and the remaining ones have been becoming more and more reckless, ensuring their own extinction.

My conclusion is this: remove all gun restrictions from our laws.  Let anyone go out and buy any kind of firearm: guns, bombs, rockets, chemical weapons, anything.  Eliminate background checks, bans on assault rifles, and any other limit.

In the short run, lots of people (many of them innocent) will die.  In the long run, however, we’ll get rid of the problem of gun violence once and for all.

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