Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story Time!

I had an idea for a kid’s story.  Here’s the outline:

Once upon a time, there was a young princess who lived in a land beset by monsters.  These monsters called Sapients, lived high in the mountains.  From time to time, they’d snatch people with nets, suffocate and eat them.

While most people feared and hated the Sapients, the princess was fascinated by them.  She collected their artifacts, imagined participating in their rituals and even becoming one of them.  Although her father, the king, was horrified with her obsession (and pointed out some of her friends had been killed and eaten) she remained fixated.

One day, she found a Sapient injured after a raid and helped him return to the mountains.  In love, she disguised herself as a monster and snuck away to be with him.  One of her friends went with her, hoping to persuade the princess to come back, but failed.  In one scene, he hides out near where the Sapients kill and butcher people and has to play dead to avoid being eaten.

Meanwhile, the king has a problem with a local wizard who is challenging his rule.  In the climactic scene, the princess and her Sapient lover charge down from the mountain and kill the wizard.  The princess is magically transformed into a monster herself, and she marries the Sapient.  Nobody she knows is served at the wedding dinner.

The End

What do you think?  I was planning on making it available to kids of all ages.  Think it’s inappropriate for kids?
Flounder!  Flounder?

That’s funny, it’s the plot of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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