Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Update: Coat of Arms

As you may have noticed from previous blog posts, I'm working up to my birthday quests (quick précis, tell me to do something next week and I'll do it, dressed as a knight).  Step one was to get a shield.  Step two was to paint a coat of arms on that shield.
Since I'm no artist Maria, the daughter of an ex-coworker, stepped up to help me make a coat of arms.  My request was simply "parrot on a jack-o-lantern."  Here was the result:
 My feedback was: "That's really good, but the parrot made me wet myself.  Could we have one that's, you know, less scary?"  Maria, with the fortitude of someone who should totally be hired by Pixar as an intern, revised her drawing and sent this:

Which, I have to admit, warmed my curmudgeonly heart a little.  I stress "a little" because I still wanted more work out of her.  I explained that I plan on tracing the design and wanted more consistent lines.  Without a complaint (Did you hear that, Pixar?  She didn't complain once!) she did this version:
 Now, any sane person would have said "Booyeah!  That's it!"  Not me.  I'm a USDA certified nitpicker.  I pointed out that parrots' nostrils aren't on their beaks.  I also asked for more space for a slogan (the next step).  Her final version:
So, in case you want to hire an extremely talented, patient artist (or offer her an internship working on A Bug's Life 14), Maria's information is below.

Full Name: Maria Patricia Grafin Vaza-Kaczynski (which is three fewer names than the Queen of England).
Graduation Date: December 2013 (BFA - Animation)
Demo Reel:
Contact Info: mvaza-kaczynski (at) cca (dot) edu

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