Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adults Acting Like Children

When I was a child, I overheard some grown-ups talking about music.  When they were kids, it seems, they listened to rock and roll and jazz, but it was expected you graduated to classical music when you grew up.  These grownups were lamenting that adults were now abandoning the classics. 
At the time, I discounted what they said (and everything else adults said, I was a teenager), but I've noticed a disturbing trend myself. 

It all started with the Harry Potter novels.  Don't get me wrong, I love those books, but they're meant for children.  Come on, any book where the cure for getting your soul sucked out is to eat chocolate is for kids.  Anyway, I noticed grown ups reading these books and classifying them as "young adult novels."  Then I noticed it wasn't just Harry Potter; adults were renaming all manner of childhood play to make it seem less childish.

I've compiled a short list:

Childhood Name
Adult Name
Comic books
Graphic novels/manga
Playing dress-up
Plagiarism of mass-produced media
Fan fiction
Saturday morning cartoons
Children’s books
Young adult novels
Monkeys throwing poop
The Republican Party
The guy who impregnated and abandoned you
Baby daddy
Wasting your life

Hope it helps!

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