Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Useless Lego

Before Star Wars, before Technic and Duplo, I had Lego.  My family is what you would now call an “early adopter.”  There were only a few types of blocks, some funny wheels and lights, and very basic railroad pieces.  That was it.

You want a Lego person?  You figured out how to make one.  Or, you got one of these: 

Don’t like it?  Too scary?  Okay, we’ll take the arms off!
If you wanted to play with Lego you had to learn how to use it.  Over the years they added a few pieces here and there: roofs for houses, bases that looked like they were on the moon, and so on.  It wasn’t until the nineties that they started adding what I call the “dumbass pieces.”

Don’t feel like making a lion’s head?

Don’t feel like making a staircase?
I can understand why they did it; the dumbass pieces were cheaper than the smaller ones that kids would need to make them.  However, the ingenuity and imagination needed to make something slowly vanished.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lego.  We go to “Free Lego Day” every month and buy our kids lots of sets.  The problem is, they mostly just build the sets.  They rarely make things up themselves.

Then, one day, I found these pieces in a set.

These have got to be the dumbassiest of dumbass pieces.  What are they?  They’re rocks.  Not special rocks.  Not rocks that would be difficult to make on your own.  They’re just rocks. Seriously, who needs a Lego rock?  What can you even do with a rock?  I mean, it’s …

Okay, while I was writing this blog entry, my son picked up those pieces I just photographed and made this.

Imagination survives.

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