Monday, April 8, 2013

Meme Breaker

A while back, I spent some time building a machine that would translate trite memes into the true state of mind of the meme's writers.  I've spent some time working on it and created a new Meme Breaker (also called the Trite Translator Trwo).  Here's how it works.

You put the meme in one side:
Wait a minute...


And the new meme comes out the other side:

Hm.  Looks like I might need to adjust some of the screws in the back...


Ellen said...

I didn't live in fear. I simply knew what was acceptable and what was not. So long as I continued to do what was acceptable, there was nothing to fear.

Had I decided to be rude to my parents, there would have been harsh consequences.

It was my choice not to be rude. I certainly could have called my mother some of the things my daughter's peers call theirs. But my parents set limits and enforced them. Does no good to set the limits and not consistently enforce them. Letting your children run around being rude and pretending that is good parenting is also a decision. It is simply not the one my parents made.

Matthew Kagle said...

There is a difference between bad parenting, compassionate parenting, good parenting, and abusive parenting. The meme I posted suggested the parents would kill the child if they misbehaved.

Personally, I think things have improved with parenting. As our friend Dennis once told me, you used to constantly see people whacking the crap out of kids in Disneyland. You don't anymore.