Monday, April 29, 2013


There’s a new sport sweeping the nation.  It’s not athletic like most sports, but it’s practiced by a majority of Americans because it gets your heart pounding and it feels oh, so good.  I’m talking about “hoe shaming!”  Sometimes called “slut shaming,” all you have to do is humiliate a woman or girl for not being ashamed of sex.

How do you play?
It depends on what “the setup” is.  Let’s say you’re the principal of a high school, and one of your students complains you booked an abstinence-only speaker.  Perhaps you’re a radio talk-show host and a young woman testifies before congress that birth control should be free.

What do you do?
Then, all you have to do is make fun of her publicly, on TV or in the newspapers.  Call her a slut!  Tell her parents!  Threaten to expose her for the rampant whore she obviously is!

It’s fun, it’s good for society, and nobody gets hurt.  Well, except for your victim, but she’ll feel better once she realizes that sex is bad for women.

With the advent of the internet, the game has gone viral.  It’s hard to read your Facebook wall without seeing someone participating in this sport.  That’s why I’ve created this new image you can use to tag hoe shaming posts:

Feel free to use it any time someone is hoe shaming so we all know what’s going on and can join in on the fun!

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