Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fun With Freecycle: Swing for Infant or Elephinfant

This is our Little Tikes (or, as the label says, “little tikes”) swing for infants.  We bought it years ago for our first child, who loved to swing outside.  However, there was a problem.  You can’t just tie it to a tree or a wall.  You have to put it on a hook built into a swing set.  Our son was very disappointed.
Years later, we got a house, and a swing set, and another child (the old one was getting, well, old).  We took out the swing, hooked it in, and pushed our new baby in it for an hour.  His older brother, whom we now kept in the garage with the other old things we’d replaced, was jealous.
I tried to explain it was no longer “his swing” in the same way that we were no longer “his parents.”  However, when I looked at the warning label, it said you can safely have any child in it up to fifty pounds!
You might need to zoom in, but it's there.
Fifty pounds?  If you add to that the “margin of error” most engineers put on their creations to protect against the idiots who own them, you could stack fifteen Indian elephants on it!
I shot an elephant in my swing.  How he got there, I'll never know.
“Go on, son!” I said.  “There’s room for you.”
Then, I realized, there was room for him.  Just because I’d had a second child, it didn’t mean I had to abandon him.  That night, I took all of his things from the garage and moved him into his own room, which used to be our backyard shed.  He’s so happy.

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