Monday, April 1, 2013

Disturbing Things of the Week

Who has time to write a blog post?  I was going to write a short, vampire-themed story, but I've been caught up in a game called FTL for days.  So, instead, I present to you these images I took this week.

Starting from this slide from the Game Developer's Conference:

Why is it disturbing?  Because I couldn't figure out an answer for the questions.  What are yours?

My new gardener did this to the flowers in front of our house.  His explanation was, if you don't tie them up, they won't blossom.

Why is it disturbing?  Read what he said again.  My flowers are into bondage.

Found this sign.
Why is it disturbing?  Look at the words "FOR LEASE" again.  Isn't that the creepiest font ever?
I don't need to explain why this one is disturbing. 
I do?  Okay...

Finally, for my Jewish friends who have just finished celebrating the week of Passover, I present the kinkiest Seder dinner plate ever.

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