Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Dump

I was planning on writing something brilliant and world shaking, but I've spent the whole day staring at my novel's progress on the Amazon rankings.  Instead, I'm just gonna post some odd pictures I wrote along with my odd feelings about them.

I can only imagine how people came up with these.
"Hey, you know Cadbury Creme Eggs?"
"Those creepy things that are like a real, raw egg?"
"Yeah, I think I know a way to make them creepier."
"That is an excellent idea."

I've frequently posted my opposition to organic food being labelled as a healthier option.  However, I found this carrot in the store and I've been swayed.  What disturbing, genetic modification has been done to make our carrots split like this?  It looks like a person's legs.  Or maybe a squid.  I don't know what it looks like, but it gives me the willies.
Oh, wait, I'm told carrots just do that.  Ew.

I realize we have the best trained and armed military in the world.  I realize we've got the insurgency in the Middle East on the run.  However, are we so confident of our success that we need to issue our soldiers SNUGGIES?

 "Were you planning on working today?  Oh.  Too bad."

 This is the only time I've ever been threatened by a gas pump before.  The "else" is implied.

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