Thursday, March 28, 2013

GDC 2013 - Day 4

Okay, guys, I get it.  I really do.  Women who make games are hot.  Really hot.  They’re mostly young.  They dress well.  Most of all, they know what a “nurb” is.  They can optimize code.  They can rig a model.  You’ve spent your whole life toiling in obscurity, working on a tiny piece of a major game, and now there’s a woman who gets what you do.

That doesn’t mean she is you.  We’re guys.  We like when women stare at us, make sexual innuendos and sex jokes, and try to get us back to their hotel rooms.

I'm enjoying that sword too much.
 Actually, that doesn’t happen, but guys would love it if it did.

So, here’s the thing, that woman you’re talking to?  She’s not interested.  Maybe she’s impressed with how you tweaked the dirty rectangles on the binary partition to rectify the specular highlights in the cell shader.  However, she’s not interested in seeing you naked.


Let’s face it, you’re you.  Even at a conference, in your element, you’re the same guy.  You didn’t suddenly sprout a six-pack and smoldering eyes.
I’m not saying treat her with respect.  I’m saying treat her like a person.  Women at game conferences have a rough time.  They walk by ads for strip clubs.
Thanks, Moscone Center!

They’re surrounded by booth babes.  They go to industry parties with half-naked women.  There’s even a bingo game for the GDC where they can make a check every time someone treats them badly:

So, put your testicles away for the week.  Be a person not a testosterone machine.

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