Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GDC 2013 - Day 3

Since some of you poor bastards can’t afford to go to the Game Developer’s Conference this year (admission costs as much as a small car), I’ll give you all a rundown of the Indie Games Summit sessions from the past two days.  There were a lot of sessions, so the summaries are brief.

The Making of Fract
“I thought it would be quick to make a game.  Then I made it.  And my wife got pregnant.  It’s still not done.  The game, not the baby.  The baby is done.  Here’s my baby.”

Molyjam: How Twitter Jokes Can Save Video Games

Art of Incredipede
I didn’t attend this talk very long because my son got a stomach ache and I had to rush out to take a call from the preschool.  I’m sure it was an amazing talk, because this is what Incredipede looks like:

Free Indie Games
There’s the website where they tell you about free indie games.  They didn’t tell you the URL of the website.  Seriously.  You can’t even find it if you search for “free indie games.”

?? Talk
I missed the title, but it was about the guys who made toys for Melissa and Doug.  The wooden crate they sell the toys in is more expensive than the toys themselves.

Genre and Creativity
There can be creativity in genres.  Or, maybe there can be genres of creativity?  I can’t remember which.

The Stanley Parable
“Once there was a little boy named Stanley who only played Half Life.  He died a miserable person.  The end.”

Crowdfunding for Indies
“Money?  Indies laugh at money!  Ahahahaha!  Who’s buying lunch?  Not me, for sure.”

OCD and the Development of Retrograde
“Two of us wrote 800k lines of code in our game.  I still don’t know why.”

The Marketing of Antichamber
Marketing?  Zzzzzzzzz.

Development of FTL
“We made a game based on a spec we wrote on the back of a napkin!  It still sold well!”

Space Chem
“Like, man, you ever notice how you get some crazy meth and you see trails for the rest of the week.  Blue trails.  Anyone got any peanuts?”

Free to Play Games
“So, we made this game called Chip Chain and we gave it away for free.  Strangely, we made no money.”

Why Freemium Sucks
It just does.

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