Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GDC 2013: Day 2

This week is different.  This week, I’m not an accomplished author with a best-selling book.  This week, I’m a game designer looking to meet like-minded people who might work on my game.  I won’t check my reviews.  I won’t look to see how many people read my work.

Downloads: 75.  Borrowed: 2.  Free copies:1313.


No!  No.  I have a game.  A great game.  A fun game.  It just isn’t done yet.  I need more money to get it finished like my book is finished.

Three reviews, all five stars.  One from a person I don’t even know!

I attend a talk about Kickstarter.  Feh.  I don’t need money; I need people.  Is there a Kickstarter where you get people instead of money?  I mean, legal people, not like slave labor.  Slavery is wrong and I can’t house a bunch of slaves.  Where would I put them all?

No.  Stop it.  Ethics.

I get a marketing analysis from an expert in women-centric games.  She points out a few problems.  It looks good for kids, but I built it for Facebook where you have to be over thirteen.  It’s a game about cleaning, which women will relate to, but men run from.  There are monsters, which men relate to and women will run from.

87 paid.  4 Borrowed…

Okay, my pitch needs a little work.  More focus.  Maybe I need to port it from Flash to iOS.  I do need money!  And a producer!  And a programmer.  And a pony!  And lunch. 

Lunch seems more likely than anything else right now.

91 paid…

I meet a friend of a friend who agreed to help me figure out what to do with my game.  He seems as flummoxed as I am.  With little programming ability and money, there aren’t a lot of options.

Someone gave my book only three stars.

I really, really wish you could.

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