Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun With Freecycle: Extraterrestrial Tricycle

I'm giving away a Kettler tricycle with push handle that was used as a movie prop.  This is the actual bike used in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.  You may remember the scene where Elliot and his friends fly up into the sky to escape the police.  Here is that very bike:

You may notice some teensy little differences between this tricycle and the bike you remember from the movie:
  • The basket is in the back and is plastic instead of metal.
  • It has a metal pole and handle so a parent can push a child or the child can pedal him or herself. 
  • It's a different color. 
  • It's smaller than it was in the film. 
  • It’s a tricycle instead of a bicycle.
However, I assure you that this is the VERY SAME bike.  Look, here it is in the movie.
Actual scene from the movie.
I wouldn’t lie about something on the internet.  It’s illegal to lie on the internet, isn’t it?

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