Monday, March 4, 2013

43rd Birthday Preparations: Part 1

All both of you who regularly follow my blog know I try to do something odd and challenging every birthday.  This year, I’m hoping to go on a quest or, in modern day terms, drive around for a week aiding out anyone who needs or wants my help.

Note: my schedule is still empty if you need anything done and are within driving range.

Going on a quest means being a knight in shining armor.  To be a knight in shining armor you need:
  • To be a knight
  • To have shining armor
The United States decided, early on in its existence, that it would never grant anyone titles.  While we have had an emperor, we’ve never had knights, which sucks bigtime.  I asked a British friend if he could arrange for me to be knighted by the Queen, but he told me I’d have to donate a lot of money to charity first.
Hey, I’m a knight. If I cared about peasants, I’d be… A peasant.
I can, however, have a suit of armor.  This came in the mail a few days ago.
Can you guess what it is?
Aaaaand… Ta da!
Yup, a shield!
What do you think?

 I was going for:

Although it seems I ended up with:

Next week, I have to decide what to paint on it.

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