Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WHAT vs Capcom?

I've never been one for fighting games.  I don't like memorizing countless combinations of controls to play.  Imagine if you did that with any other kind of game.  The player would throw the controller out the window.
Press A+B C, C, C to fire your gun!
However, fighting games have been popular since Capcom started the Street Fighter series.  They were so successful, Capcom went a little crazy trying to grab new audiences by adding popular characters.  There was Marvel vs. Capcom.

And SNK vs Capcom.
There's even something called Tenstuboachavunokio (or whatever) vs. Capcom.
I guess I can understand wanting to fight with your favorite... Er... Hentai characters (or whatever the heck they are).  However, this trend has gone far enough.

You read that right.  It's Angry Birds fighting people.  Think I'm joking?  Here's an image from the upcoming game.

I don't have a joke here.  I just think the Mayans were right about the world coming to an end.

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