Thursday, February 28, 2013


My grades are due in this week, so my students are rushing to finish all the homework they didn’t do when they were busy failing my class.  Normally, when you’re grading papers, you try to be fair, to look carefully at all aspects of the finished work.

Here’s the “rubric” I usually grade with:

Creativity +20%
Clarity +20%
Completeness +20%
Grammar +20%
Going beyond the assignment parameters +20%

When you’re trying to grade dozens of papers turned in at the last minute, you use a different set of criteria.

Here’s how I’m grading today:

Can I understand what the hell they’re trying to say? +10%
Do I remember who the student is? +10%
Do I remember what the assignment is? +20%
Can I read the assignment within three minutes? +50%
Ohfuckitall did they at least turn the assignment in? 100%

You might find it surprising how few As I’m giving out.

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