Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun With Freecycle: Too Much Ikea Stuff

We recently had our garage/bonus room redone and turned into a garage/bonus room with an Ikea entertainment center.  However, in the midst of our frenzy of Ikea shopping, we bought a few too many things.

When I say "few" I mean "enough to build a small house of your own."
I'm not kidding, this is called "Tundra."
First, we have one box of Ikea laminate flooring in the color of... Er... Sandy brownish?  It's about half full (or, half empty, depending on your point of view).  I'd give you a more precise count, but I only got as far as "OW!  That thing gave me a splinter."

The Swedish Chef says: "Joost sook that spleenter outer!"
Second is something called a Framsta.
The Swedish Chef says: "Der full namen is Framsta Hoopdi Doopdi Thinginshvarg."

Er, yeah, so it's this metal frame-y thing.
We have all the parts, but we only have one of them.
You can put it against a wall and then add a pair of glass panels.
I'm glass, therefore I am not glass.
The panels are made of some kind of superfuturistic philosophical glass.  Seriously, the instructions say you should saw it, but you really shouldn't saw it.
You thought I was making that up?
Anyway, all three of these building materials are free to someone who wants to build a house with them.  It'd be a very small, very transparent house.  More like a cage you can put misbehaving children or disliked pets in, but that's only a suggestion.

Not that you'd do that, of course.

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