Friday, September 14, 2012

Novel Sample Week

I need your help.

About two years ago, I posted a bunch of novel ideas.  I wanted to write for National Novel Writing Month, but wasn’t sure which idea to go with.  I have ten novel ideas (and thirty-five game concepts) floating around in my head.  My problem is I have so many ideas I don’t know which one to work on first.  Anyway, all both of my readers voted for their favorite novel idea.  Over the next couple months, I posted a chapter a day until I reached the end of the first draft.  The result was Pinhole, and I’m very happy with the results (I plan on sticking Pinhole on Amazon as soon as I have some cover art).

It’s time to start again.  This time, however, instead of posting a bajillion ideas, I’m just going to post five.  This time, instead of describing each novel in a couple of sentences, I’m going to post a sample section each day.  At the end of the week, I’d like you both to vote.  The winning idea will get the Pinhole treatment in November: as I write the first draft, I’ll post it online.

So, please help me pick a novel next week.  Read all the samples and let me know which one you like best.



Red Tash said...

Is there a link?

Matthew Kagle said...

Not yet. I'm going to start posting them, one a day, on Monday.

Matthew Kagle said...