Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nature's Testosterone Unhappiness Defense

I found these pictures on the right of my web browser as I was checking my Yahoo Mail.  (Yes, I am one of the six people who still use Yahoo Mail.)  It was hard to tear my eyes away.

If you look at the bottom picture, it shows that Nature's cure for unhappy feelings is a skimpily-dressed, busty brunette.  Normally, I don't go in for the whole "natural remedies" mumbo jumbo, but I'm totally on board with taking a busty brunette or two to cure your unhappiness.  "Ask a doctor if  Busty Brunettes are right for you!"

Of course, the top picture is a bit silly, not because of the product they're selling, but because they put it above the busty brunette!  What is the easiest and quickest way to boost testosterone?  Not this crap we're selling.  Get a busty brunette!

Busty brunettes are the answer to every problem.  I wonder if you can get them at Costco...

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