Monday, September 3, 2012

Ikea Desserts

I'm not a fan of the commies, the leftists, and the unions.  They've destroyed our country by introducing forty hour weeks, weekends, the minimum wage, and labor day.  I hate labor day.  I'm not celebrating it with our socialist, un-American president, so I'm posting today.  However, I did have a cookout, visit friends, and workout, so I don't have time to really do a good post.

Instead, I'm posting this image.

I've posted about Ikea before, but I've never talked about their odd choice of names.  This purple box is a dessert they sell, a chocolate-covered marshmallow.  Note the name: Scum Top.

Honestly, who but the nutballs at Ikea would try to sell you a dessert called Scum Top?

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