Wednesday, September 26, 2012

California Proposition 37

I am against California's Proposition 37.

If you don't live in California (then you need to move) or aren't interested in politics (because thinking is too hard), you might not have heard about this one.  Prop 37 requires food manufacturers to disclose any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) included in the product.

The problem I have with Prop 37 is that it's fucking stupid.

No, I'm just kidding.  It's not stupid.  It's a bill.  Bills are just pieces of paper.  The people backing it are stupid.

I have several problems with 37.  First and foremost, it's part of the whole "science is evil" fear movement sweeping the nation. 

Because scientists are always looking for a way to rule the world.
Americans have always been afraid of scientists.  However, with the anti-vax movement, intelligent design movement, organic food movement, and the other bowel movements that are popular these days, we've taken things to a new level.  Fear of a scientifically modified food is just a new twist on the old ignorance.

Second, there is no evidence that any GMO has ever caused harm. 

Because seed companies are always looking for a way to rule the world.
Sure, you can find articles on the internet lambasting Monsanto for creating sterile seeds and stealing beehives (no, I'm not making that up), but nothing has ever been conclusively proved.  See, the government makes companies test food before it goes to market.  Yes, from time to time things slip through the cracks, like the organic lettuce covered in salmonella or the rice tainted with (all-natural) arsenic.  The government makes companies take things off the market when we find problems.  If you took food off the market before finding and verifying problems, the stores would be empty.

Third and finally, genetic modification isn't an ingredient, it's a method.  If you labelled all the methods used in making a food, it'd look something like this.
And that's fucking stupid, like the supporters of Prop 37.

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