Monday, August 13, 2012

Twelve Step Program

My name is Matthew and I’m an addict.  It’s cost me a lot of money, hurt my family, my finances, my friends, and my mental health.

It all started on my birthday.  We went to the French Laundry restaurant.  I had a great meal, but I couldn’t enjoy it because, one table away was a large party having wine.  I’ve never liked alcohol.  I tried it many times in many forms: wine, beer, hard lemonade, mixed drinks, cough syrup, rubbing alcohol, you name it.  No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get past the overpowering, bitter taste.  It’s just icky.

As I ate my meal, the party at the next table ordered wine, and gushed about how it was the best they’d ever had, and got the name of the wineries from the sommelier, and suddenly my food seemed pathetic.

I resolved to drink wine until I enjoyed it.  The next week, I went to Beverages and More and got a frequent shoppers card.  I bought four bottles of wine and brought them home.  Then I gave them away as gifts because ew!  Alcohol!

That’s when the problem started.  Going to BevMo (the street term for Beverages and More) became a weekly event.  I came home with four, five bottles of wine, pour myself a glass of each, spit it all into the sink (or onto the floor, if I couldn’t make it to the sink in time), and return to buy more.  Sometimes I bought other things: shot glasses made out of flavored candy, paper umbrellas, snacks and sweets.
Well, that was expensive.
I couldn’t stop buying (and spitting) and buying (and spitting).  I have three bottles of wine in my house right now that I’m afraid to open without guests because I’ll end up wasting it all and wine costs money! 

So, I came here.  My name is Matthew.  I’m addicted to Bevmo, but I’m taking it one day at a time.

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