Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things That Keep Me Up at Night

Cut here
This is Lactose.  It's a chemical present in milk that, if you aren't Lactose intolerant, your body splits in half to make into two digestable chemicals.

One of the chemicals it breaks into is called Galactase.
If you can't make this, ow.
If you can't make Galactase from Lactase, you have severe stomach problems and pain. 

This is Galactus.
"I'm hungry."
Galactus is a comic book character who eats whole worlds.  If you can't stop Galactus, you have severe destruction and pain.

So, here's the big question: What do you call it if Galactus has a glass of milk and makes Galactase?
Good luck sleeping tonight.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you want to know what its called if he 'cannot' make Galactase.

Matthew Kagle said...

Oh, that's easy. If he tries to make it and he can't, it's called "Galactease."